Khros Kit & Helping TK's

I've been sanding my TX recently so there is no real update to be seen. Looking to paint it this weekend.

On the Khros Kit E11 Blaster Upgrade Kit, I've started printing the parts which I have already 3D designed.

Inside my printer is a small heat gun which I control its speed and heat with a controller behind. Its to heat the enclosure on larger prints which helps stop delamination or peeling. The front cover and hood are not installed for this picture.

This is after an initial print, it was clear I needed to re-calibrate my extruder as it was over-extruding. The one on the left was over extruding, the one on the right was dialed down a little bit but still wasn't that great and required additional sanding and cleaning. On the left one you will see that there is a small scaffold on the bottom which is used to support the upper layers where there are overhands. These need to be cut off, and sanded where they were attached. That is why object orientation and finished surface selection is important with FDM printers.