Stencils, Vinyl Decals, Painting Masks, Iron Transfers and MORE!

I have been working on creating a whole pile of vector art for use as Vinyl Decals in multiple colours, Low Tack vinyl stencil/paint masking, iron transfer vinyl, and cloth masking material.

Tonight I have updated the Decal and Stencils Menu with the addition of the following!

  • Stormtrooper Painting Masks, Vinyl Decals, and Iron Transfers.
  • Boba Fett Armor Stencils and Masks
  • TB - Scout Trooper Stencils (just a logo for now, more to come)

I've got a PILE of more stencils available and they will be posted up for sale over the next couple days. So far there are almost 100 which will be posted, included in this list are:

  • Bounty Hunter / Mando Graphics
  • Clone Wars Armour Stencils
  • Empire Logos
  • ID Tags / Decals in a few variations
  • Jedi and Republic Logos
  • Rank and Insignia
  • Tie Fighter Helmet Icons
  • Rebel Pilot Helmet Icons
  • SABINE armour templates and stencils!!!
  • Snow Trooper Stencils and Logo's