Super busy but working to create my space.

After converting a 3 season porch to a 3.5 and trying to keep it above freezing for a frigid Canadian winter I learnt my lesson.

It was too small for my ambitions (too many tools and supplies now) and too cold to keep tools safe (residual liquid in laser cutter froze and cracked the laser, glue and paint died…) So I’ve been spending my time taking our century old house and rebuild the stone wall interior with moisture mitigation, break up the cement perimeter and install a drainage system tied into the moisture controlled walls, and excavate the exterior to install further moisture control. It’s been it’s own challenge of will over work but I am getting close to moving it in.

Currently not in a position to produce many items however when I am set back up I will be streaming builds / studio work, giving tips and explanations, with many many new tools and techniques. Watch here and Facebook for updates when I’ll be back into it - I am super excited for what is to come!