October 1st, 2015

The grey parts shown here are the first pulls with the molds of my new conversion kit. I still have the clip, housing, counter, and swing arm to mold.

Skipping past though a lot of time, I am now in the middle of finishing the molds and start the first castings...


November 3rd, 2014 - Waiting on delivery of some Hasbro Blasters to take apart and modify. I have already designed it 3D and am planning on printing v1 over the next week.

v2 will have more modifications now that I have my Hasbro blasters in as I can start cutting them up inspect for additional modifications.

My printer needed to be re-calibrated and so I did a test print of the scope front. It was greatly over-extruding which I had to dial back in. 

I have printed a couple more pieces which I'll update shortly. Took some time to initially smooth and sand which will be noticed next. The scope front was still a rough print due to over-extruding which was fixed for the next prints.