Sabine armour Masks, Vinyl Decals, transfers

Below are a series of items which will help you complete paint your Sabine armour. After you apply the masks, paint in the section and wait 20-40 minutes for paint to dry and then remove. Fast and easy to use!.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll help as best as we can! If you need something customized - let us know - we can help! If you are doing a children's set, just supply the required dimensions and I can shrink it proportionally.

Sabine Wren's Season 1 Shoulder Armour paint mask. If you need it slightly smaller/larger - let me know the width and I'll cut it specifically for you. (4.6in x 4.7in)


Sabine Wren's Chest Phoenix Mask (6.2in x 5in) Design is larger than the chest piece so the lines wrap around the edges. Mask it, paint it, peel it, done.


Coming shortly, the checkerboard shoulder stencil and helmet stencils. If you need these sooner, message me and I'll get them done!

I'll also be working on Season 2 Sabine as well, once I've gotten ample screen grabs of the updated armour design.

Vinyl Decals, Stencils, iron transfer, cloth masking stencils

  • Removable Vinyl Stencil For custom painted colors. Can be used on many surfaces and provides a clean crisp paint lines. Removes easily to avoid damage to paint below, can be heated with a hair dryer or heat gun (on low!) to soften adhesive.

  • Vinyl Decal - Suitable for outdoor use. Strong adhesive which can be loosed with a hairdryer or heatgun (on low!) All available colors are in the drop down list however if you need a specific color - message us and we'll see what we can do.

  • Iron Transfer Vinyl Also listed in the drop down, you can apply these to clothing and use an iron to adhere it permanently. Clothing can be washed on gentle cycle.

  • Clothing Paint Mask - This requires you to adhere the stencil with an iron, then use your own paint to fill in the stencil. While wet - you can remove the stencil mask and then allow the shirt to finish drying.