Super busy but working to create my space.

After converting a 3 season porch to a 3.5 and trying to keep it above freezing for a frigid Canadian winter I learnt my lesson.

It was too small for my ambitions (too many tools and supplies now) and too cold to keep tools safe (residual liquid in laser cutter froze and cracked the laser, glue and paint died…) So I’ve been spending my time taking our century old house and rebuild the stone wall interior with moisture mitigation, break up the cement perimeter and install a drainage system tied into the moisture controlled walls, and excavate the exterior to install further moisture control. It’s been it’s own challenge of will over work but I am getting close to moving it in.

Currently not in a position to produce many items however when I am set back up I will be streaming builds / studio work, giving tips and explanations, with many many new tools and techniques. Watch here and Facebook for updates when I’ll be back into it - I am super excited for what is to come!

So... busy!

For the next short while I'll will not be selling any products while I work to build the studio. I find myself too busy lately to work on these projects and need to complete other more pressing projects before I can be in a position to reliably fulfill orders.


Stencils, Vinyl Decals, Painting Masks, Iron Transfers and MORE!

I have been working on creating a whole pile of vector art for use as Vinyl Decals in multiple colours, Low Tack vinyl stencil/paint masking, iron transfer vinyl, and cloth masking material.

Tonight I have updated the Decal and Stencils Menu with the addition of the following!

  • Stormtrooper Painting Masks, Vinyl Decals, and Iron Transfers.
  • Boba Fett Armor Stencils and Masks
  • TB - Scout Trooper Stencils (just a logo for now, more to come)

I've got a PILE of more stencils available and they will be posted up for sale over the next couple days. So far there are almost 100 which will be posted, included in this list are:

  • Bounty Hunter / Mando Graphics
  • Clone Wars Armour Stencils
  • Empire Logos
  • ID Tags / Decals in a few variations
  • Jedi and Republic Logos
  • Rank and Insignia
  • Tie Fighter Helmet Icons
  • Rebel Pilot Helmet Icons
  • SABINE armour templates and stencils!!!
  • Snow Trooper Stencils and Logo's

More items are coming!

Working on finishing up a pile of vector art which will be used for paint stencils, vinyl decals and such. I should have them posted up here tomorrow night and ready to order. Initial offering is for removable vinyl templates/stencils for painting armour, some coloured vinyl, and even iron on vinyl! You'll be able to select an image, select a size and you're done. If you need a custom size - you can also send a specific size and I'll be done! Custom ID's for armour and clothing also coming!

Mirror lenses are also coming to the studio.


Let's get things going...

Ready! Yup... Darth Nihilus is ready to start shipping. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can message me and see if I have one ready. If you want to see the progress on how I made it, go ahead and CLICK HERE! and scroll down. If you already have a Nihilus mask, or just want some Eyebrows.... we have some templates and vinyl decals available too!

If you have any questions and such, just message us by email, the About / Contact page, or on Facebook!

A busy night...

It's been a busy night so far... I decided to work on a new fun force pike which I haven't really documented the progression but will the assembly... It's not to the 501st costume reference library (crl) as it's not screen accurate but it's just for me. It's one of a kind... To be posted after I show it off at an event.

Nihilus - I've been adding a couple layers of Mold Max 30 to the mold over the last week as it takes 24h to cure and did it in two halves. I finished the mother mold this evening which I took my time on instead of rushing against the pot life (how long it takes to start setting). Installed closing bolts, measured the cavity, washed it, and did the first pull. Original mask was 150g and the new one is 97g it's so light. Nice thing too is that if dropped it will not shatter.

I've also been designing my indoor spray paint booth with a powered vent to catch the paint particulate and exhaust the fumes. I have a massive blower used for a house heating furnace and boy does it blow! That's another project which I can't want to have working.

Black pieces are the mother mold (outter rigid shell) the pink/purple are the 2 piece mold, and the white face is Nihilus - the first pull.

Black pieces are the mother mold (outter rigid shell) the pink/purple are the 2 piece mold, and the white face is Nihilus - the first pull.

The blower for the paint booth.

The blower for the paint booth.

Helmet stands

Lately I've been working on a few models of helmet stands... The Capital City Garrison's prototype is coming together and looking great...

Cutting a Rebel Legion right now since it's relatively simple compared to the 501st. I've already cleaned the vector art on the 501st logo to something I can work with however it's complex so I'm going to CNC it in many steps. Once I've figured out the two of them - I'll be sending it in for Legion approval.


Helmet Stands and Nihilus

Since it's so cold outside I can't paint Nihilus except for at work which I've been too busy / out of the city... So I bought a used furnace which I'll be using the main blower to build a power vented particulate catching indoor spray paint booth... Details to follow...

Helmets stands are under the second revision and in the process of being CNC'd. Finer bit = finer detail = much slower... I'll probably finish this tomorrow morning.

Really happy with the new cut.


Been busy, just haven't posted...

Updates to E11 Kit, electronics, tutorials and such are coming.... In the mean time, here is a couple pics of the soon to be seen helmet stands.

Doing a couple trial cuts before its ready...


Khros Kit - E11 Upgrade v1

All pieces are printed and in various stages of refinement. They are further along than these pictures with more finishing than shown.

New Logo!

The site now has its brand new fantastic logo - created by my fabulous wife Kim Buck. Updates to follow!

Khros Kit & Helping TK's

I've been sanding my TX recently so there is no real update to be seen. Looking to paint it this weekend.

On the Khros Kit E11 Blaster Upgrade Kit, I've started printing the parts which I have already 3D designed.

Inside my printer is a small heat gun which I control its speed and heat with a controller behind. Its to heat the enclosure on larger prints which helps stop delamination or peeling. The front cover and hood are not installed for this picture.

This is after an initial print, it was clear I needed to re-calibrate my extruder as it was over-extruding. The one on the left was over extruding, the one on the right was dialed down a little bit but still wasn't that great and required additional sanding and cleaning. On the left one you will see that there is a small scaffold on the bottom which is used to support the upper layers where there are overhands. These need to be cut off, and sanded where they were attached. That is why object orientation and finished surface selection is important with FDM printers.


Been busy as of late, little time to work on these things. Working on stuff for our Capital City Garrison of whom I am a member. Working on signage and print for Ottawa Pop Expo. I'll post drafts after the show. 

Working on the TX Shadow Trooper over the next few evenings to get it painted and finished for Pop Expo - updates to follow.

Worked on the website layout & colours.

Need to get working on my vacuum former...

Catching up : TX : Vaders Flashlight : Lightsaber for Nihilus

Catching up to do... I've been distracted with a couple mini projects. Each has its own section which can be viewed by clicking the point below, or from navigating above.

More to come, just being busy everywhere else too.

First post.

This is the first of many posts to follow. This page will follow me through the randomness of how I move between building, sculpting, casting, forming, printing, and designing. There will not be much logic to the order of these work-in-progress posts but that's just how I work. If I have an hours time - I will work one something that I can pick up for an hour. If I have a day - I will work on something that takes time to set up, time to work on, and time to clean up. Or I just work on something that I feel like working on.

This will more than likely be mirrored or linked on Facebook as well.