I (Geoff) have been tinkering, inventing and building for many years and have finally found an outlet for the creativity. That coupled with my need for quality and my attention to detail makes for fun builds and great projects. As I build, design, and improve on other designs, my goals are not only to be functional, but also rugged and well thought out. If you watch my progression blog, or my project pages, you may see many revisions on a project, or many trial's before I settle on a specific design. What you don't see are the many other revisions and time spent in deriving these projects.

As many people will tell you, I can be communication challenged... As opposites attract, thankfully I have a lovely wife Kim who puts up with me. Trained as a traditional animator, her artistic skills are beyond measure which brings an elegance and shine to everything. With a keen eye, she helps ensure everything is visually pleasing, and stylistically correct. If you want to see some great art, visit her wonderful art page on Facebook

This site is also aimed to help stimulate interest in others to create and build their own. Anyone can do it, it just takes time and patience and the more you build - the faster and easier it gets. Be prepared to spend an otherwise unreasonable amount of time on something and you are sure to get it how you want it!

Feel free to comment and ask questions, and we'll do our best to answer it adequately! 

We also accept PayPal transfers for payment on products, just email me what you are looking for where you need it shipped and I'll be in touch! We also accept Canadian Tire Money as payment. 

If you should need to contact direct, you can email thekhrosnest@gmail.com

Proudly Made in Canada. 

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